Wrapsody eCo Cloud

Achieve secure and efficient external
Collaboration anytime, anywhere.

Wrapsody eCo not only solves data fragmentation
and visibility issues occurred in existing
communication tools, but It also provides higher
productivity, easier monitoring and security.

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Use Case

Wrapsody eCo Use Case

Document sharing, collaboration, version control, security, and video conferencing are all in one platform.

Collaboration is easier than you think.

  • Collaborate faster through shared space between group members.

  • Check your shared file list, edit a file, and request other members to view the file.

  • Provide just your email address for authentication to use all collaboration features.

  • History at a glance with all activities including files shared and video conferences held within groups.

  • No need to keep files on a server or specific location. You can always have the most up-to-date documents.

  • Automatically register files as the latest version when checked in. No extra effort is required for version control.

  • Opening a previously shared file will always bring the latest version regardless of your platform.

  • All files are stored in the cloud after encryption to meet security regulations.

  • Every moment you open and edit your files, your files are kept encrypted for complete security.

  • Even if the file is leaked, it cannot be opened. You can also safeguard your files from threats such as ransomware.

  • You can create a meeting and invite members.

  • You will receive notifications for all events, including invitations, rescheduling, and cancellations.

  • It provides perfect collaboration in a non-face-to-face environment by linking your Zoom account.

Key Features

New Approach for External Collaboration

Now is the time for a new platform to collaborate easily and securely

  • Data-centric Collaboration

    Save your time and resource as it removes repetitive work due to version conflicts in the existing email or EFSS system.

  • Workgroup-based History

    Manage your work and history based on workgroups and easily manage workgroups, including all internal users and external partners.

  • Various Security and Monitoring functions

    Encrypt not only shared documents stored on your PC or cloud storage, but also data in use for safe collaboration with external users.

  • Fast and Effective Collaboration Platform

    Always synchronize to the latest version regardless of location when you open the documents enabling productive collaboration without duplication checking.

  • Minimized
    ROT Data

    Integrate and manage collaboration history in a single worksgroup to view the workflow at a glance and minimize unnecessary data.

  • Minimized
    Security Threats

    Collaborate with external partners without worrying about leakage by selectively using Open Sharing, Trusted Viewing, Encryption, DRM, Tracking Management, etc. depending on the situation.

  • Convenient Video
    Conferencing and Chat

    With the Zoom integration for Wrapsody eCo, seamless video communication is provided as you can schedule, edit and delete Zoom meetings with designated attendees within the workgroup.

Product Purchase

Wrapsody eCo Cloud subscription plan

Please select your plan to start Wrapsody eCo Cloud.

  • 15-day Trial Free

    15 days of free trial for anyone

    to experience secured

    file sharing and collaboration

    • Storage up to 100GB
    • Maximum 10 users
    • Users can invite 50 external users
    Start Free Trial
  • Basic $12

    Monthly per person

    for annual payment

    Secured file sharing and

    collaboration for projects

    with small group of external users

    • Shared storage
      : number of users*50GB
    • External Invitations
      : number of users*10
    • Version management
    • Smart document sync
    • Data encryption
    • Mobile access
    Start Basic
  • Plus $25

    Monthly per person

    for annual payment

    For projects requiring more storage

    space and more external users

    • Shared storage
      : number of users*100GB
    • External Invitations
      : number of users*20
    • Version management
    • Smart document sync
    • Data encryption
    • Mobile access
    Start Plus
  • Premium Contact Us

    Customized Wrapsody eCo Cloud

    service for Fasoo partners.

    • Customizable storage
    • User-defined number of users/invitations
    • All functions of paid plan are provided.
    • Compatible with Office 365
    • Compatible with FASOO products
    • Admin and user training
    Start Premium
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Key Features Free Trial Basic Plus Premium
Granular access control
Shareable total storage space
View/Revise encrypted document
User management
Mobile Security control
Complete document trace and management
Activity tracing of entire users
Encryption policy compliance
Smart sync
File event tracing
Web preview
Integrated management console
Domain statistics
Editing on the web
Compatible with Fasoo products (SSO)
Customized branding
Delegate manager role
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Why is Wrapsody eCo Cloud Trustworthy?

  • Robust Protection in Cloud

    Wrapsody eCo Cloud protects files in a cloud storage persistently with a robust encryption.

  • Stable Technical Service and Customer Support

    Wrapsody eCo Cloud supports seamless service without having any technical difficulties within a Public Cloud environment.

  • Download Files Even After Service Expiry

    Wrapsody eCo Cloud allows paid-service users to download protected files easily with decryption for 30 days after service expiry. During these 30 days, users are available to use limited features (e.g. preview, download, etc.).

Company H is a manufacturing firm that is handling numerous engineering drawings which contain intellectual property information. Supply chain risk management was a huge challenge, and the company has implemented the Wrapsody eCo solution to prevent a potential intellectual property loss during third-party communications. The solution allowed the company to share sensitive information securely, control its access privileges like view only, edit or print, and trace all user activities.

Manufacturing Firm H

Company K is a financial institution that had challenges adhering to cybersecurity and privacy regulations during interactions with external affiliated experts. In many cases, meetings were conducted remotely, and the risk of losing sensitive data was substantial. The company was looking for a solution that can track the usages of advisory documents and grant access to only authorized people. After implementing Wrapsody eCo, the company was able to manage all documents securely and not only track them but also raised productivity by enabling content virtualization technology.

Financial Institution K


Select a question in the FAQ list below.

  • What is the Free Trial?

    This service is available for free for 15 days in a limited environment. If you apply, the person in charge will review and approve your trial. The plan can be changed during the 15 days. Changes are reflected immediately after payment.

  • What is the difference between Basic, Plus, and Premium plan?

    Basic and Plus plans have a limit on overall storage space and the number of external users that a user can invite. If you have specific subscription options, you can choose the Premium plan and create a customized site by sending a question form on the Wrapsody eCo website The Wrapsody eCo team will contact you to help to create a site with your desired options.

  • Is it possible to upgrade to Premium plan while using Basic or Plus plan?

    Upgrading plan from Basic to Plus or Plus to Premium will be conducted as follows. When a plan is upgraded, an additional payment excluding already paid amount will be charged once, and fees for upgraded subscription plan will be charged from next month. All payments are made through Paypal, and Premium plan users can change to other payment methods after consulting Wrapsody eCo team.

  • What is the difference between monthly and annual payment?

    Monthly payment charges you the fees for the selected plan every month, and annual payment charges you for one year of use for the selected plan. For annual payment, a discounted fee will be charged. When the service is terminated within the subscription period, the monthly fee will be charged to the end of the month of termination as the usual monthly fee, and the remaining costs will be refunded. Please note that there is no refund fee after using the service for more than nine months.

  • How can I request to create a site?

    To create a site, you first need to sign up for the Wrapsody eCo Cloud website. Sign up, select the desired plan, and create a site. For Free Trial, a site is created after Wrapsody eCo team confirms the free trial request while a site is created without confirmation process for Basic and Plus plan. If you want to subscribe Premium plan, Wrapsody eCo team will help you to create a site with your desired options.

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