Service Manager

Easiest Way to Share and Protect Data

Revisions to shared files are auto updated and synced on-demand

Automatically Synchronizes to the Latest Version Upon Opening File

Whenever a file has been revised or updated, it will automatically synchronize the file in other locations and devices to the latest version upon opening it.

This makes it convenient for all collaborators to immediately check the latest version of content without the need for a separate redistribution process.

Efficient Web-based Content Collaboration

You can view and revise content or files anytime, anywhere through web-based OpenOffice.

There is no need to install dedicated programs or any third-party apps.

Smart Workgroup Settings

You can always invite new members to a project to collaborate, share files, or have real-time discussions any time.

You can also revoke access permissions for external collaborators who have completed a project, and you can change permission types for each member in your workgroup.