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Smart and Safe Collaboration

Easily Collaborate with Anyone, Anywhere

The Features of Wrapsody eCo

Work Together

Features for Collaboration and Productivity Enhancement

Workgroup Creation

Easily establish a collaborative workgroup comprised of both internal and external members to facilitate seamless communication and enhanced collaboration on various projects or tasks.

File Sharing

Securely and conveniently share files in any format, whether from your local drive or from the server. Additionally, you have the option to share links to the shared files while also controlling various permission settings, including file expiration settings, for enhanced security.

Workgroup Chat

Engage in a more interactive and productive communications with your workgroup members by utilizing our chat feature—designed to facilitate clear and seamless messaging. Stay connected with your team, share ideas and information, ask questions, and get feedback quickly and easily through our user-friendly chat interface.

Workgroup Video Conference

We have seamlessly integrated the widely acclaimed Zoom video conferencing technology into our platform to facilitate enhanced collaboration and interaction. Enjoy high-quality audio and video communication with your workgroup members in real-time, share screens, and record meetings.

Log History & Progress

To ensure accountability and transparency, all data usage logs are automatically transmitted to and securely stored on the server. These logs contain pertinent information, including user info, device IP address, date, and relevant file information.

The Safe Way

Features Maximizing Secure Collaboration and Protection

Control Granular Rights

Wrapsody eCo provides a range of advanced security options that allow you to exercise precise control over how your content is accessed and shared. These options include setting permissions for printing, screen capturing, and copying to clipboard, as well as determining the number of views and specifying the view expiration date.

Watermark on Docs

The option to watermark on essential documents  can serve as an effective measure in mitigating potential security risks and safeguarding against sensitive data leakage. The presence of a watermark enables tracing back to the creator or distributor of the document in the event of unauthorized sharing or leakage.

Permission Control by User, File

Wrapsody eCo offers versatile permission control options that allow users to manage access both by user and by file. User permissions are easily configurable, with different levels of access granted to users within a workgroup, which can be adjusted manually as needed.
Moreover, distinct permissions can be set for each file shared within a workgroup, enabling finer control over access and preventing unauthorized modifications or sharing. 

Encrypt Sensitive Files

To ensure maximum security, Wrapsody eCo has the capability to encrypt sensitive files both on the server and client-side—thereby providing an additional layer of protection. 

Auto Back-Up

Wrapsody eCo provides real-time, automatic cloud backups for all files that are created or revised on both the client and server. This ensures that all prior and latest versions of files are always securely stored and can be easily accessed in the event of data loss or corruption.

Audit Trail

For optimal regulatory compliance, every file in Wrapsody eCo is assigned a unique ID that offers greater traceability and transparency than traditional approaches that rely on restricted portals or secure location-based methods. This ensures that all essential files are easily  tracked and audited, enabling businesses to meet regulatory requirements and maintain a high level of accountability. 

The Smart Way

Features for Work Convenience and Efficiency

Preview Any File Format

Wrapsody eCo offers users the ability to preview files of any format instantly on the web, without the need for third-party applications or plug-ins. This seamless experience enhances user accessibility and improves workflow efficiency by providing quick and effortless access to essential information.

Web-based Open Office

Wrapsody eCo provides essential document viewing capabilities, along with the added convenience of web-based accessibility without the need for software installation. For premium service users, our web-based open office solution also facilitates seamless collaboration and editing functionality.

Share URL Links to Files

Wrapsody eCo offers convenient options for sharing files. Users can effortlessly copy file links to provide previews or downloads to recipients or share links via email. Additionally, Wrapsody eCo provides users with the ability to set a validity period for the shared links, ensuring secure and controlled access to the files. 

User Environment Settings

Wrapsody eCo provides a versatile and secure collaboration environment that caters to your specific needs. You have the flexibility to choose between web, mobile devices, or Mac to view or revise files. Our Wrapsody eCo client is available for both PC (Windows, macOS) and mobile (Android, iOS) devices, ensuring seamless and convenient access from any location.


On-Demand Sync

Wrapsody eCo offers an efficient resource-saving solution by automatically synchronizing files to their latest updated version only upon opening files. This feature ensures that users have access to the most recent version of the file, regardless of its location. By eliminating the need to manually upload and work on files separately on the shared server, Wrapsody eCo streamlines workflow processes and increases overall efficiency.

Most Powerful DRM Technology

Experience unparalleled data protection with Wrapsody eCo, a cutting-edge product by Fasoo, the trailblazer in enterprise DRM solutions. Our platform offers the highest level of quality protection for unstructured data, setting a new industry standard. Fasoo’s legacy as the first commercial enterprise DRM solutions provider has propelled us to be the market leader, continually innovating to meet the evolving needs of our clients.