Service Manager

Smart and Safe Collaboration

Easily Collaborate with Anyone, Anywhere

The Features of Wrapsody eCo

Work Together

The Features to Enhance Collaboration and Productivity

Workgroup Creation

Easily create a workgroup consisting of internal and/or external members for easier communications and collaboration on projects or tasks.

File Sharing

Safely and easily share files of any format either on the server platform or from your local drive. You can share links to the shared files and set different permission and file expiration settings.

Workgroup Chat

Chat with your workgroup members to communicate and collaborate more clearly and interactively.

Workgroup Video Conference

The popular Zoom video conferencing is integrated for enhanced collaboration and interaction.

Log History & Progress

All logs related to data usage are sent to and recorded on the server. The log contains user information, device IP, date, and necessary document information.

The Safe Way

The Features Maximizing Secure Collaboration and Protection

Control Granular Rights

There are various advanced security options such as setting permissions to print, screen capture, copy to clipboard, in addition to setting the number of views and the view expiration date.

Watermark on Docs

The option to watermark on necessary documents will help to reduce security risks or sensitive data leakage by tracing back to the source provided on the watermark.

Permission Control by User, File

Wrapsody eCo is able to control permission by user or by file. There are different levels of permissions granted to users in a workgroup, and these can be adjusted manually.
Additionally, various permissions can be set for each file that are shared within a workgroup.

Encrypt Sensitive Files

Wrapsody eCo can encrypt sensitive  data files that are stored in the server and on the client side for enhanced security.

Auto Back-Up

Automatically backs up on the cloud all created, edited, and revised versions of files located on the client or server in real-time.

Audit Trail

Every file in Wrapsody eCo has a unique ID that provides deeper traceability than restricted portals or secure location-based approaches for regulatory compliance.

The Smart Way

The Features To Work Conveniently and Efficiently

Preview Any File Format

Any file format can be previewed on the web instantly without having to install any third-party applications or plug-ins.

Web-based Open Office

We support basic viewing and *editing features without installing any program. The web-based open office allows you to use and collaborate on documents.
* editing available only on premium service

Share URL Links to Files

Links to simply preview or download files can be easily copied or sent to the recipient’s email. There is also an option to set the validity period of the link being shared.

User Environment Settings

You can set the desired environment for secure collaboration. You can set to use the web, mobile devices, or Mac to edit/revise files. Wrapsody eCo client is available for both PC (Windows, macOS) and mobile (Android, iOS) devices.

On-Demand Sync

Save resources and increase efficiency by synchronizing files to its latest updated version only upon opening files. Synchronizes to the latest version regardless of the file’s location. Save the trouble of uploading and working on files separately on the share server.

Most Powerful DRM Technology

The highest level and quality of protection to unstructured data is integrated into Wrapsody eCo. Wrapsody eCo is a product of Fasoo, and Fasoo set a landmark in the Enterprise DRM industry as the first commercial DRM solutions provider and has been leading the market since.