Service Manager

Terms of Service

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)

The provisions in this Terms of Service aim to prescribe the rights, obligations, and responsibilities between member and company that arise when a member purchases a paid product of Wrapsody eCo service (hereinafter “Service”), a wired and wireless internet service provided by FASOO Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Company”).

Article 2 (Definition)

Terms used in this Terms of Service have the following meanings:

“Service”: All goods and services provided by the Company to members through devices (including PCs, mobile devices such as smart phones and other various wired and wireless devices) or programs.

“Member”: A customer consents to these Terms of Service and uses the Service provided by the Company

“Site”: Service including web-based wired and wireless homepage (http://*

Application: A program installed on supported portable devices of the service.

ID: An e-mail address entered by a member to distinguish an identity or using services.

Password: A combination of 8 or more letters, numbers, or special characters which a member provides and registers in order to verify a member’s identity and to protect confidentiality.

Posts: All digital content including document members register on the Wrapsody eCo site.

Operator: A person designated by the Company for overall management and smooth operation of the service.

Paid Service: An optional service that allows users to select the service provided by the Company according to their needs.

Article 3 (Effectiveness and Amendment of Provisions)

This Terms of Service is effective for all members who want to use the service.

These Terms of Service can be viewed by members when signing up for the service, and the Company publishes these Terms of Service on the website and application to allow Users to view the Terms of Service whenever they want.

The Company may revise these Terms of Service to the extent that they do not violate related laws such as the “Act on the Stability of Terms and Conditions”, “Act on Consumer Protection such as E-Commerce”, “Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection Rules”, “Online Digital Content Industry Development Act”, and the “Consumer Standards Act”.

The company may change these Terms of Service if deemed necessary. In the event of amending Terms of Service, the Company shall notify users of the causes of amendment and applied from fifteen (15) days prior to date such amendments will be in effect to the day before applied date.

In amending these Terms of Service, the Company will notify or announce the revised Terms of Service in accordance with paragraph 3 and confirm whether a member consents to the application of the amended Terms of Service after their publication; provided, however, a User may be deemed to have consented to the amended Terms of Service if the User fails to express consent or disagreement until their effective date and the Company has published together with the amended Terms of Service that such failure shall be deemed as the User’s consent

If a User disagrees to the application of the revised/amended Terms of Service, the User may withdraw from the Service and terminate the contract.

The members have a duty to monitor changes in Terms of Service carefully, and the Company is not responsible for the member’s damage caused by ignorance of the changed Terms of Service.

Article 4 (Other terms and conditions)

Any matters that are not prescribed in this Terms of Service shall be subject to the relevant laws and regulations.

The Company, if deemed necessary, can define the Terms of Service for the individual services, and operation policies. In case of conflict between these Terms of Service and the Terms of Service for particular services or operation policies, the rules set forth by the Company shall take precedence.

Chapter 2 Service Use Contract

Article 5 (Establishment of Contract of Use)

The contact of use shall come into effect when the Company accepts a membership request after the user completes the application form set by the Company and check “I agree” to this Terms of Service and the “Privacy Policy”.

When the application for sign-up has been completed, the Company must confirm if the requirements are met and approve it without delay.

When the applicant for membership sign-up selects “I agree” to all items and fills out the application form, it is regarded that he or she has read these Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and agrees to follow the various policies that the company operates to provide the Service and frequent notices from the company.

Article 6 (Suspension and Refusal of User Contract)

The Company may suspend acceptance or terminate the use contract afterwards for the following reasons:

1) In cases where an applicant has written false information in the application form

2) In cases where an applicant has used somebody else´s e-mail for verification.

3) In cases where an applicant for membership has lost the qualification for membership in the past according to the Terms of Service. However, this does not apply if he/she has obtained the permission of reapplication for membership from the Company.

4) In cases where it is impossible to approve due to a reason attributable to the user or the user has applied for the membership in violation of other regulated matters

The Company may request the verification of the user’s real name through a specialized agency and user authentication for the application according to Paragraph 1.

The Company may defer approval of registration for the following reasons:

1) In cases when there are no available service-related facilities

2) In case when a technical issue exists to provide the Service

3) In case where it is deemed necessary financially and technically by the company

4) In case when it is difficult to approve for other reasons

If approval for the application for membership according is not given or deferred according to Paragraphs 1 and 3, the Company shall inform the applicant for membership of the refusal.

The use agreement is concluded when the Company marks the subscription complete on the application procedure.

Article 7 (Obligation to Manage Members)

The member shall be responsible for any damages caused by the member’s intention or negligence in managing his/ her account ID and password to use the Service. However, if the Company’s intention or negligence caused any disadvantages, the Company take the responsibilities.

If the user recognizes that the ID and password are used by a third party, the user should immediately take measures including changing the password, and notify the Company and follow the instructions of the company.

Article 8 (Obligation to Protect Personal Information)

The Company does not collect any personal information except for the ID (e-mail) and password that are basically required to provide the Service.

The Company can use the ID entered by the member when signing up except for the password to provide services and to indicate the source of data.

The Company tries to protect the password entered by the member when registering as a member through high-level encryption so that the Company and third parties cannot detect.

The Company’s “Privacy Policy” is not applied to other websites (that are not operated by the Company) linked to the Service.

The Company can entrust some or all of these tasks to a company selected by the Company if necessary. It will notify in the “Privacy Policy” when entrusting tasks related to handling and managing member information or service operation information.

The Company is not responsible for the information disclosure due to a member’s fault can provide members’ information in the following cases.

1) When an investigative agency or other governmental agency requests to provide information as a member violates applicable laws while using the Service.

2) When it is necessary for information protection activities such as confirmation of a violation of the legislation by a member and fraud act, including violation of these Terms of Service.

3) When required by other laws

The Company tries to protect members’ personal information in accordance with related laws and regulations, such as the “Information and Communication Network Act”. Regarding the protection and use of personal information, the relevant laws and the Company’s personal information processing policy is applied. However, However, the Company’s privacy policy does not apply to linked sites other than the Company’s official website.

The Company may request the minimum information (name, address, phone number) required for payment of products, and does not store financial information related to the payment.

Chapter 3 Use of Service

Article 9 (Provision of Service)

The Company provides the following services to members:

1) Wrapsody eCo (Editing and sharing service for encrypted documents)

Members can use the service from the time the company approves the application of use. The company will start to provide the service from the time of approval. However, paid service can be available immediately after the company confirms the payment of fees

Article 10 (Use of the Service)

The services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The Company may separately set the service hours for all or part of the services provided.

The company can conduct regular and irregular inspections if necessary for the provision of services, and the inspection time is as announced on the service provision screen.

Article 11 (Changes and Suspensions of the Service)

The company may notify the member of the contents and the date of provision of the Service to be changed in the manner specified in Article 20 and can provide the modified service.

The Company may limit or suspend the use of the Service in the following cases.

1) When a member interferes with the Company’s sales activities

2) When regular service is not available due to heavy traffic

3) When a telecommunication service provider prescribed by the Telecommunications Business Act stops telecommunication services

4) When regular service is not possible due to infrastructure failure or heavy traffic.

5) When the Company deems that it is inappropriate to continue providing services due to other serious reasons.

6) When there are force majeure reasons such as natural disasters or national emergencies.

The Company shall notify the member as prescribed in Article 21 when suspending the Service according to Paragraph 2. However, this is not the case if advance notice is not possible due to service interruption (disruption of the disk without operator’s intention or negligence, system down, etc.) due to reasons beyond the Company’s control.

The Company is not responsible for any problems caused by the change or suspension of the Service.

Article 12 (Provision of information and Insertion of Advertisement)

Members might agree to be exposed to the advertisements while using the Service.

The Company can provide advertisements to service users.

It is entirely a matter between the member and the advertiser when a member communicates or trades by using advertising on the service or participating in the advertiser’s promotional activities through the Service.

In the event of a dispute or other problem between a member and an advertiser, the member and the advertiser must settle it themselves, and the Company does not take any responsibility in this regard.

Article 13 (Copyright of Post)

The Company may not use the post for other purposes without the consent of the posted member.

The Company shall not be civilly and criminally liable even if the posts posted by the members in the Service infringe on the copyrights and other rights of others. If a member receives an objection, such as a claim for damages because a member has violated the copyright or other rights of the other person, the members must make efforts to indemnify the Company, and the member must bear all damages caused to the Company.

The Company may delete the posts posted by members if the member terminates the use contract and withdraws from the site, or if the agreement is terminated for a legitimate reason.

The copyright of the work created by the Company belongs to the Company.

Chapter 4 Obligation of Contracting Parties

Article 14 (Obligation of the Company)

The Company must sincerely implement measures such as maintenance, inspection, or restoration to ensure that facilities related to service provision and security are suitable to provide continuous and stable service.

The Company does not conduct any activates that are prohibited by the relevant laws and these Terms and Services or contrary to the customs, and does its best to continuously and reliably provide services.

The company must have a security system to protect personal information so that users can safely use the service, announce and comply with the “Privacy Policy”, and try to protect member’s personal information without leaking or distributing to third parties without their consent.

The company must handle the opinions or complaints raised by members regarding the use of the service when it is justified. When an opinions or a complaint is raised by a member, processing schedule, process, and results should be notified to the member via bulletin board or e-mail.

If the member suffers damages due to the services provided by the company due to the services provided by the company, the company bears the responsibility only if such damage is caused by the company’s intention or negligence, and the scope of the responsibility is limited to ordinary damages.

The company does not send commercial e-mails for commercial purposes without the member’s consent to receive them.

The company complies with laws and regulations related to the operation and maintenance of services such as the “Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection”, “Communication Secret Protection Act”, and “Telecommunications Business Act”.

Article 15 (Obligation of the Members)

The members must perform none of the following activities.

1) Inappropriately or unjustifiably use the service by stealing other member’s email and password, or steal information

2) Act of using the company’s paid service by using payment information of others without the permission of others, such as account numbers and credit card numbers of others

3) Act of Changing the information posted by the company

4) Sending or posting information (computer programs, etc.) other than the information specified by the company

5) Violate other rights of the Company or a third party including copyright

6) Defame or injure reputation of the company or a third party, or interrupt business

7) The act of using the service for profit without the consent of the company

8) Posting a post or sending an e-mail by impersonating or impersonating a manager of a company employee or service, or stealing another person’s name

9) Act of posting or distributing any material that contains software virus, other computer code, file or program designed to disrupt or destroy normal operation of the equipment related to the service.

10) Act of re-engineering, reverse engineering, decompiling, and disassembling software provided by the company

11) Collect, store and/or disclose other member’s personal information

12) Other Illegal and unfair act

Members must comply with relevant laws, provisions of these Terms and Services, notice of use and notices on the service, and notices of the company, and shall not engage in any other act that interferes with the company’s business.

Members shall neither transfer nor grant their rights to use and legal status hereby, nor impignorate the foregoing rights and status

Members must thoroughly manage the password specified in Article 7 (Obligation of the Members). he member is responsible for all the consequences caused by negligence, misuse, etc., and the company does not take any responsibility for it.

Under the Civil Law, if a member who is a minor uses the paid service, the member who is a minor must obtain the consent of the legal representative before payment.

Article 16 (Notification and Announcement to the Members)

If the company notifies the member, it can be done through the “homepage” notice that does not have a separate regulation in this Terms of Service.

In the case of notice to multiple unspecified members, the company can replace individual notices by posting it on “homepage”.

Article 17 (Withdrawal of Subscription, Termination of Contract, and Refunds)

A member can withdraw subscription within 7 days from the date of establishing contract for use of paid service. If the details of the paid service are different from labeling and advertising, or if paid service has been fulfilled differently from the contract details, then a member can withdraw from subscription within 30 days from the date of finding out about it, or withdraw from subscription within 3 months from the date of receiving paid service. In this case, member has to pay Company the corresponding amount for any profits obtained from using the paid service in order to withdraw subscription.

A member can always request to terminate the Service use contract through manager service or customer support center.

If a member uses paid service as a monthly subscription and terminates use contract despite the period of use remaining, the Company will provide service until the end of the monthly subscription period and will not proceed with any additional payments. The Company will not proceed with any refunds to members terminating use contracts for monthly subscriptions except for withdrawal of subscription within 7 days from the date of establishing contract.

If a member uses paid service as an annual subscription and terminates use contract despite the period of use remaining, the Company will convert the annual subscription into a monthly subscription arrangement from the date of establishing the initial contract, providing service for the remaining monthly cycle and proceeding with refunds for the remaining months. If the end date of the current month has not passed based on the initial contract date, the Company will provide service up to -1 day from the end date of the current month. If the end date of the current month has passed, then service will be provided until the end date of the following month. The Company deducts the monthly subscription fees for the period of use from the annual subscription amount paid by the member, and refunds the remaining amount. For annual subscriptions, there are no refunds for terminating contract after 10 months have passed since the service start date.

When a member terminates Service use contract, all the data of the member including invited members will be deleted after a 30-day grace period. The member has to back up all the data including data of invited members before terminating Service use contract. The Company is not responsible for any problems caused by members not backing up data. The Company may retain data of members for the period set forth in the relevant laws and privacy policy.

Company may terminate the use contract with members in the following cases.

① If members file for bankruptcy or rehabilitation procedures, or procedures have initiated.

② If members or any of the invited members uses Service for illegal purposes or distributes illegal information.

③ If members violate Service Terms of Use, including this supplementary terms and conditions, and fails to fulfill the Company’s request for correction within 5 business days.

Article 18 (Use Restrictions of the Service)

In the event that a member violates these Terms of Service or Terms of Service of individual services, the Company may limit the use of the service at the stages of warning, temporary suspension, and permanent suspension, or terminate the use contract.

The member can make an objection to the use of the service pursuant to Paragraph 1 or use restrictions related to the use of the service in accordance with the procedures set by the Company, and the company immediately resumes using the service when it is deemed that the member’s objection is justified.

Chapter 5 Others

Article 19 (Indemnification for Damage)

If a member causes damages to the company due to violation of the provisions of these Terms of Services, the member who violates these Terms of Services shall compensate all damages to the company.

In the event that the Company receives various complaints including claims for damages or lawsuits from third parties other than the member due to illegal acts or violations of these terms and conditions in the process of using the service, the member is responsible for the Company at his/her own responsibility and expense. The Company must indemnify and if the company fails to indemnify, the member must compensate for any damages caused to the Company.

Article 20 (Disclaimer)

If the Company is unable to provide the service due to a natural disaster or equivalent force majeure, the Company is exempted from liability for Service provision.

The company is not responsible for the failure to use the service due to a member’s fault.

The Company shall not be held responsible for not meeting customers’ expectations for profit through the use of this Service, or loss or damage caused by the Service. The Company is not responsible for the content of posts posted in the site by members regarding accuracy.

The company is not obliged to intervene in disputes between members or between a member and a third party that arose from the service as a medium, and is not responsible for reimbursing damages.

Article 21 (Dispute Settlement and Competent Jurisdiction)

When a lawsuit is filed against a dispute between the Company and a member, Korean law shall apply.

If the Company file a lawsuit in relation to the use of the Service, the court under the Civil Procedure Act shall be the competent court.

Additional Terms

[Enforcement Date] These Terms of Service takes effect on July 1, 2020.

– Notification Date: July 1, 2020

– Enforcement Date: July 1, 2020