Service Manager

Easiest Way to Share and Protect Data

Revisions to shared files are auto updated and synced on-demand

Advanced File Encryption and Various Security Settings

Collaborating files are always stored and distributed with robust encryption.

Users can be granted different permissions for various security options such as viewing, printing, screen capture, and copying of files. This enables document usage based on the set permissions of the file.

Real-time Permission Restriction and Device Control

It is possible to revoke file permissions of members in real time, even if the file has already been downloaded.

You can also control whether files can be viewed and edited on various devices such as the PC, mobile, and MAC.

Post-Tracking and Real-Time Monitoring

All logs related to files used in a workgroup are sent to the server and recorded.

Through the server, it is possible to check key information such as user information, device, IP, and date, which enables post-tracking and real-time monitoring of files.