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Wrapsody eCo for Zoom Support Documentation

Congratulations on installing Wrapsody eCo for Zoom! We’re here to support you every step of the way.<br>The intent of this documentation is to answer basic questions on the installation and how to use Wrapsody eCo for Zoom. If you have any questions, please contact us at the address provided during your onboarding. You will receive an answer from them within two business days.


Wrapsody eCo is a web-based service allowing users to use most functions without installing the Wrapsody eCo application for PC on your PC. The user can sign up for Wrapsody eCo through an email invitation and use shared files in accordance with the type of permissions granted; the user is required to install the Wrapsody eCo application for PC to download the file and synchronize updates with the server.

When the Login window appears, click the Learn More page to install the Wrapsody eCo application for PC on your PC. If you have received the invitation email, click on a download link (32 bit/64 bit) that matches your operating system. Before starting the installation, make sure that the Wrapsody eCo server is connected to the network and you have logged into Windows as an administrator.

Registering a Wrapsody eCo URL

You have to register your organization’s Wrapsody eCo URL when you use the client for the first time. Follow the procedures below to register the address:

1. Right-click in the system tray and select Register Wrapsody eCo URL on the menu or double-click the document you have downloaded from Wrapsody eCo.

2. When the Login window appears, enter the Wrapsody eCo URL in the Server URL box. If you are a user of an organization that uses Wrapsody eCo, you need to register your organization’s Wrapsody eCo URL of the organization first and continue to register the Wrapsody eCo URL of the collaborator.

Linking Zoom account

1. Click the user name on the upper right corner of the screen next to the profile icon.

2. Click the Connect Zoom account.

3. Click OK when the pop-up dialog appears to agree to connect your Zoom account.

4. Enter your Zoom ID and password, check the I am not a robot checkbox, and click login

5. Click Approve to confirm the access to your Zoom account.


To uninstall the Wrapsody eCo application for PC from your PC, go to Control Panel > Programs and Features on the Start menu and double-click or right-click the Wrapsody eCo application for PC and select Uninstall. When a dialog box asking whether to uninstall the Wrapsody eCo application for PC appears, click OK Verify that the Wrapsody eCo application for PC is removed from the list.

Uninstalling Wrapsody eCo for Zoom - Zoom Marketplace

1. Log in to your Zoom Administrator account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace

2. Click Manage > Installed Apps and select the Wrapsody eCo Connector  app.

If data retention is not indicated as allowed, within 10 minutes of this request, Wrapsody eCo will delete all data about the Zoom Monitored Service. This action cannot be undone.

Getting Help

If you need assistance connecting or configuring the Wrapsody eCo Connector for Zoom with your Zoom Account, we’re here to help!

Please contact Wrapsody eCo support using the email address you created your Wrapsody eCo account and fill out this form, We will reply to you within two business days to answer your question or get additional information from you in order to route your request to the right team.