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[Release] Wrapsody eCo v2.2
Dec 01, 2021


Hello, we are Wrapsody eCo dev, providing a secure collaboration platform, and we are delighted to introduce Wrapsody eCo v2.2.

This update includes the following features:


File Thumbnail Features Document thumbnails for a quick preview
Client UI improvements Easy-Access to Workgroup documents through Client Tray
Web Office Support Collaborative document editing through Web Office.
UX improvements for eCo installation of external user HTML-formatted file sharing for external users.
Chat within workgroups Video Conference feature within workgroups


Our service will be taken down temporarily during the patch update.


– Date: 19:00 ~ 20:00 (GMT+9). December 1, 2021

– Duration: 10 minutes


You need to download the new client from the Service Guide page after the update, in order to apply the patch details.


We are also planning on releasing the chat feature on a mobile platform in early January 2022.

(Chat feature is exclusive for only eCo subscribers)


Please stay connected. We will be back with more updates soon.


Thank you.

Wrapsody eCo Dev.

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