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[Release] Wrapsody eCo v2.4
Mar 24, 2022


Hello, we are Wrapsody eCo dev, providing a secure collaboration platform.

Wrapsody eCo v2.4 is ready to be deployed.

Version 2.4 provides the follwing features


Workgroup Head Assignment An option to automatically assign the administrator as a new workgroup head is added.
Document Upload Permission Holder Previously, anyone could upload documents to Wrapsody eCo. Now you can limit who can upload documents based on their group (Administrator/Internal User/External User)
Document Manager Assignment An option to automatically assign the workgroup head as the Document Manager has been added.
Expansion of Workgroup Head Rights An option to give the workgroup head the right to decrypt documents within the workgroup has been added. This option can be enabled or disabled by your company administrator.
Server Access IP restrictions Access to the Wrapsody eCo server can be controlled based on the IP band setting.
Policy change history/login history Menus to view the history of workgroup policy changes as well as the history of account login has been added.


In Wrapsody eCo 2.4, administrative features are enhanced to better use Wrapsody eCo.
Update patch will be deployed on April 13.

Please stay connected. We will be back with more updates soon.

Thank you


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